Leveraging Utilities. Leveraging Organizations.

The utility Industry is the prime facilitator of basic necessities for every consumer in and around the globe. In the far more deregulated market, utilities and unbundle themselves and break down old barriers. However, at the same time, aging grids, rising fuel costs, energy efficiency requirements, and new customer service demands are dramatically affecting the industry on a daily basis.

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We ensure that our customers stay ahead of their competitors through rapid and effective decision.
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To maintain their leadership position and customer base, utility companies are differentiating themselves by looking for ways to enhance the customer experience while lowering operational costs, thereby increasing shareholder value.

Some of the challenges affecting our utility customers include:

  • Data deluge from the smart meters and varied data sources such as social media, sensors, etc.
  • Rehabilitation and replacement of aging infrastructure.
  • Transmission/Distribution bottlenecks (outages, service interruption/failure, and leakage incidents)
  • Cost pressures leading to optimized capital and operational expenditure.
  • Regulatory reporting and transparency requirements.
  • Disintegrated IT systems.
  • Health and safety measures leading to electricity/water quality monitoring.
  • Governance and accountability.

The Cloud ERP and Data Analytics Team (CEDAAG) Advantage:

Fostering customer satisfaction through operational efficiency

Cloud ERP and Data Analytics Team (CEDAAG)’s utility practice is matured and well qualified to manage the evolving trends in Information Technology and Operations Technology (IT & OT) landscape to enable the efficient and effective functioning of your business. At Cloud ERP and Data Analytics Team (CEDAAG), we have been creating utilities of tomorrow that bring energy and environmental sustainability, while improving the bottom line and create customer value.

  • Business Transformation Services—through strategic planning services to develop global vision for future business operations (including Strategic Grid Management, Enterprise Asset Management, Meter Data Management, Customer Insights, and Corporate Business Intelligence Centre).
  • Domain and Business Consulting— via the creation of the Smart Road-map to enhance the business value and help you identify the low hanging fruits with minimal investments in key emerging technologies.
  • Emerging technologies—by investing in new technologies, such as Smart Grid Initiative, SCADA, Real Time Data Analytic’s, Predictive Analytic’s, Big Data, High Performance Computing, Mobility, and Cloud. We have developed solutions specifically for Electric Transmission and Distribution, and Water Distribution organizations.
  • Digital asset management—through optimizing asset management processes and move decision-making toward real-time through proactive approach and in-house Big Data Hadoop lab.
  • ITOPS solutions—by developing outcomes driven integrated Technology and Operations (ITOPS) solutions. Now pay only for results through outcome-oriented business model.

In this digital era, Utilities find themselves in a must evolve condition to remain profitable. Even after global implementation of smart metering infrastructure, Utilities sector is yet to extract complete ROI so as to create a customer value. On the grid operations side, utilities have witnessed never before challenges with devastating super-storms that impact the key reliability indices, which needs to be tackled leveraging the integrated IT & OT approach.