Today, consumers use many different channels to compare and buy products and services. They expect retailers to provide fast, consistent, and seamless interactions in stores, online, and on their mobile devices.

CEDAAG: Cloud, ERP, Data Analytics, Advisory Guild helps retailers transform their technology to gain a 360-degree view of consumers and serve them across the entire purchase process.

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We ensure that our customers stay ahead of their competitors through rapid and effective decision.
We deliver value with cost-effective, high value-based and quality solutions

With greater visibility into the customer experience, you improve operational efficiencies, increase order fulfillment, and encourage collaboration between stores and supply chain partners.

The CEDAAG: Cloud, ERP, Data Analytics, Advisory Guild​​​​​​​ Advantage:

CEDAAG boosts retailers with the following services:

  • Store Portal:Improve collaboration, inventory, and promotions management within and across stores.
  • Omni Channel Commerce Orchestration: Carry out the entire purchase cycle across multiple channels.
  • Multi-Channel Customer Engagement: Leverage social media and gamification.
  • Integrated Customer Insights: Leverage predictive analytics and big data to harness transactional, social, location and demographic data.
  • Site Smart: Reduce IT development costs and reduce time to market.

Our Full Service IT Capabilities:

We also offer end-to-end services across a retailer’s supply chain, including merchandising, in-store and Omni-channel in business process management, analytics and information management, enterprise application integration, infrastructure management, application development and management, ERP, cloud solutions, and digital marketing platforms, including social media analytics. Across all of these areas, we take an agile-based approach that emphasizes fast time to market, holistic work flow standardization, problem ownership, and ROI-based testing.

A Flexible, Collaborative Partner:

Our teams are relentless in their execution to complete projects on time, on budget and on value. By optimizing the efficiency of all IT operations, we create breathing room to fund more technology initiatives. This way, you can begin to transition from spending too much of your budget and attention on running your business, and more on transforming your business. In addition to our superior IT capabilities, what wins over our retail partners most is the collaborative culture of CEDAAG. When you partner with us, you will know that you’re getting an extreme amount of attention from our top leadership to ensure success. And if you’re tired of vendors who step in, carve out their turf and walk away, you can rest assured that CEDAAG works well in a multi-vendor environment. Put simply, yourinterests are our mission – how much credit any individual vendor deserves is not for us to dictate.We’re certain that our commitment and passion, our business insight, and our breakthrough technical innovations will speak for themselves. At CEDAAG, it is about unleashing possibilities.