Fueling Energy by Eliminating Complexities

Globally, the oil and gas sector is expanding in more distant and challenging environments than at any time in its history. The industry is addressing new challenges by embarking on plans to leverage enterprise data and real-time analytics for data management, safety, and regulatory compliance to reduce time to first oil, exploration risk, and cost per barrel while improving the production rate.

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We ensure that our customers stay ahead of their competitors through rapid and effective decision.
We deliver value with cost-effective, high value-based and quality solutions

Typical challenges affecting our energy customers include:

  • Rising transport demand and upstream costs
  • Adhering to safety and regulatory compliance in order to reducetime to first oil
  • Managing energy efficiency demands from regulators
  • Exploring new oil fields and non-conventional sources
  • Lacking integrated (360-degree) view of operations
  • Aging workforce and low knowledge retention

The CEDAAG: Cloud, ERP, Data Analytics, Advisory Guild Advantage:

Our core energy service offerings include business transformation solutions that provide lower costs and enhanced service through improved governance and compliance. Our solutions offer optimum benefits by leveraging emerging technologies (such as High Performance Computing, Big Data, Cloud, etc.), and offering impeccable technology integration and seamless collaboration with partners.

At CEDAAG, our global energy experts offer end-to-end services in crafting sophisticated solutions that are agile, robust, and proactive in nature. Our solutions are compliant with both domestic and foreign regulatory requirements. We adopt smart models and methodologies to offer solutions tailored for midstream and downstream organizations. Our value propositions are simple and straight-forward:

  • Better business transformation — through strategic planning services to develop future business operations (such as Digital Oil Field, Digital Pipeline Management, Office of the Future)
  • Use of emerging technologies — invest in new technologies such as Big Data, High Performance Computing, Mobility, Analytic’s, and Cloud
  • Digital asset management — optimize asset management processes and move decision-making toward real-time through proactive approach and in-house big data Hadoop lab
  • ITOPS solutions — outcomes driven Integrated Technology and Operations (ITOPS) solutions. Now pay only for results through outcome-oriented business model
  • Product engineering—offers end-to-end product development.