The global financial crisis of 2008 caused a paradigm shift in three core areas of the financial services industry. First, the cost-to-income ratio for most financial companies continues to be higher than the industry benchmark, creating a clear-cut need for structural adjustments to global operations and IT models to drive cost reduction strategies.

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Second, customer expectations have exponentially increased, and there is a concrete demand for “know me” customer experience that requires continuous innovation in customer experience management financial solutions for faster time-to-relationship. And third, a slew of new, stringent regulatory and compliance guidelines is forcing these companies with a burden to comply. Judiciously adopting new age technologies and investing in continuous innovation is the only way to differentiation and sustainable competitive advantage.

The CEDAAG: Cloud, ERP, Data Analytics, Advisory Guild Advantage:

CEDAAG offers a unique and evolved financial IT services portfolio to address these imperatives and help financial companies stay ahead in the game. CEDAAG's solutions for financial services are targeted at rationalizing and converging IT and operations across regions and business divisions to optimize cost and bring agility with renewed focus on regulatory compliance and customer centricity. Our financial services technology consulting can help financial companies transform their business processes.

At CEDAAG, we enable enterprises to restructure their operating models, institutionalize compliance rules, and modernize technology infrastructure, while helping to leverage automation.

Our goal is simple: To be at zero-distance on three dimensions: the end-user, the code, and its economic viability. Every day, we bridge the gap between our work and our clients by offering well-designed and engineered solutions that deliver real business value.

CEDAAG offers a unique blend of business consulting, application management, and technology consulting services across business areas to global financial institutions. These offerings help financial institutions improve efficiency, optimize costs, meet risk and compliance mandates, and implement IT solutions that are finely attuned to their business needs.