The global automotive industry is undergoing unprecedented transformation. The growth and profit centers for automotive OEMs are shifting to emerging markets all across the world. To stay profitable and competitive, automotive manufacturers and suppliers need to address key challenges, including rising product complexity, strict environmental regulations and a raft of new safety rules.

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They also have to gain deeper understanding of evolving needs for car connectivity, cost pressures, and overcapacity while simultaneously adapting to changing supply and demand needs. Consumer preferences, customer-influencing digital technologies, new digital retail formats, and ever evolving role of dealers are also key game changers for the industry.

The CEDAAG: Cloud, ERP, Data Analytics, Advisory Guild Advantage:

CEDAAG’s Automotive Group helps you address these major challenges and supports you in your transformative journey for better profitability and increased competitiveness. We offer solutions and services across the entire automotive value chain, including:

  • Product Development
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing and Sales
  • After Sales

Our services help you transform your business by improving business efficiency, agility. and profitability. We also help you aggressively enter new markets, substantially cut costs, build demonstrably better products, effectively streamline your supply chain, expeditiously enable efficient manufacturing, enhance your brand image, improve sales processes, and build long-lasting customer relationships and loyalty.

CEDAAG advises and implements business solutions enabled by technology implementations that enhance core functions of an automotive enterprise to deliver industry-leading performance and shareholder value. We help automotive companies with supply chain and human capital transformations, e-contracting, automotive retail integration, warranty management, and product life-cycle management.

CEDAAG helps automotive companies run highly efficient operations across different business and IT functions by leveraging IT operations, lean IT principles, and IT infrastructure operations. We, also provide business operations for efficient back-office operations spanning finance, human resources, procurement and warranty claim management; and product operations that include product engineering services in a globally distributed model across a variety of vehicle domains and engineering disciplines.